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Rental Plots

Annual rental rate:
$30 per 10'x 10' plot for Yarmouth residents
$35 for non-residents

Sign up for your plot(s) online at Yarmouth Community Services
You can also sign-up in person at Yarmouth Community Services
or by phone at 846-2406.

Why Rent a Plot at YCG?

  • Sunny location
  • Fertile soil
  • Organic practices
  • Annual tilling
  • Deer fencing
  • Convenient water supply
  • Wheelbarrows and garden tools
  • Compost
  • Gardening advice and friendship

Rental Plot Coordinator

If you have any questions about rental plots,
please email Marjorie or call her at 846-4123.

Rental Plot Rules

Welcome to the Yarmouth Community Garden!

The foundation for most of our renter rules is simple — be a good neighbor. If you tend your plots well, keep them well weeded (including the pathway at your plot's edge) and harvested, you will make an invaluable contribution to the "community," which is at the heart of our garden.

General Requirements

  • Each renter is required to contribute SIX HOURS of service over the season to benefit the whole community garden, especially by helping in the Community Plot.
  • There is no smoking in the gardens or parking area. Tobacco mosaic virus, which can be carried on people’s hands, is a serious threat to tomatoes and other plants.
  • No pets are allowed in the garden.
  • Please use radios/players only with earphones.
  • Please monitor small children in the garden, so that they do not damage neighbors’ plots.
  • Plots must be started by June 1, or they may be re-assigned.

Rental Plot Design

  • Plant tall crops toward the center of your plot, where they will not cast shade upon neighboring plots. Please avoid planting 6-foot sunflowers, if you've rented only one plot — they will inevitably shade your neighbor's plot.
  • Place structures (trellises, hoops, fences, supports) at least one foot inside plot edges.
  • Do not build raised beds (okay for permanent plots).
  • Do not use chicken wire for trellising or wood that is pressure-treated, painted, or treated in any other way.
  • Remove perennials -- annual plots will be tilled in the spring.
  • A few stones may be incorporated into plot design or used as edging, but they must be removed at the end of the season and taken to a designated spot.
  • Be careful to contain invasives like mint and oregano so that they do not spread.

Rental Plot Maintenance

  • Tend plots well throughout the season, including weeding and harvesting.
  • Keep paths between plots open and accessible to all.
  • Use acceptable mulches such as straw, hay, black plastic, or weed-barrier mats, newspaper (not glossy, and covered with an organic mulch), seaweed, grass clippings (not chemically treated), and other organic mulches. Remove black plastic and weed-barrier mats entirely from the property at the end of the season.

End of Season

  • Clean (annual) plots thoroughly at the end of the season, removing structures, vegetation, stakes, plastic/twine, and stones used in design.

Products for Organic Gardening


  • BT, M Track, MVP
  • NEEM
  • Insecticidal soaps
  • Pyrethrum
  • Summer Oil
  • Seaweed/fish preparations
  • Cottonseed meal, bone meal
  • Garlic, hot pepper, “kitchen” mixes
  • Diatomaceous earth
  • Sulfur
  • Wood ash
  • Composted animal manures
  • Rock powders (lime, rock phosphate, greensand, granite dust)
  • Liquids may be applied by hand-held trigger-spray bottle only


  • Miracle Gro, Miracid, Peters, etc.
  • 5-10-5, 5-10-10 and variations
  • Rotenone
  • Sevin
  • Diazonin
  • Malathion
  • Methoxychlor
  • Commercial slug bait
  • Sabadilla
  • Chemical formulations



If you want to use a product that is not on either list, please contact the Rental Plot Coordinator.